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Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Years we're fun. The kids got way to much, and spending time with family and friends was great. Aubrey started Basketball practice this week. We're looking forward to her first game of the season in a couple of weeks. Aubrey, Meg, and Cameo are all starting a new season of Dance, and Cameo will be doing Little Miss Drill Team next week. Alie and Steph have been cleaning the Post Office for Grandma 2 days a week and will be doing it every day for the next 3 weeks while she goes on vacation. Alie is also doing Jazz Band, and I'm on the Dog Sled Commitee, so we are all staying real busy. I can't wait to go to Jackson for the Dog Sled Races at the end of the month. (I could really use the get away if you know what I mean.) Hope you all had a nice Christmas too!